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Chamonix Snow Report
Latest Snow Conditions

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Chamonix Snow Report: 1st May 2014

The season continues...
Pam Williamson | Chamonix Editor | published: 2nd May 2014

With an early start yesterday on the national May day holiday, we expected to find queues for first bin, but surprisingly few people were there.  Four skiers, and myself on a snowboard, we headed up the midi around 9am.  From the cable car we could see skiers making their way down the Mallory face, and a lot of them!  I have never seen it so busy on that particular route.

The clouds that were sitting low in the valley cleared quickly as we reached the top and it looked like a bluebird day with the possibilty of some fresh tracks.  We took the Gros Rognon route down the Vallee Blanche, which, although not always ideal on a snowboard, was in good condition and we (mostly) kept good pace.  A solid crust on some patches of snow ended any pace I was managing to hold on my board and luckily my lovely skier friends pulled me along the flat and slight uphills to get round the Gros Rognon rock to start the proper descent.

Snow was variable but some great turns in fresh snow meant a good start to the descent down towards the Seracs du Geant.  Lower down the snow had more of a top crust with some heavier snow underneath and was a bit trickier to negociate on a snowboard...or maybe it was just me!  

Again a bit of poling and being being pulled along by my skier friends as we crossed the glacier towards the Salle a Manger.  The crevasses were more obvious than normal despite the recent snow falls and we considered roping up for this section.  However clear tracks were in place already and we crossed safely.  A smooth ride down the Salle a Manager to the stairs and cable car at Montenvers with spectaular views in the sunshine - you can't beat that!

It seems it was a good day for all, and the steep skiers were certainly out enjoying the fresh snow.  Joel Evans made his was down the Rond West couloir on the West face of the Midi before the clouds came in again and the snow looked great!

With today's rain it looks like the forecast is for a little more snow high up and (fingers crossed) a sunny weekend for the closing party at Grand Montets.


Chamonix Snow Report: 28th April 2014

Powder days return right at the end of the season
Ellie Mahoney | Chamonix Editor | published: 28th April 2014
Chamonix Snow Report: 28th April 2014

What a difference a week makes.. one minute you're digging out your BBQ and breaking open a new bottle of sun tan lotion, and the next, the heavens have opened and the snow has returned to Chamonix!
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Chamonix Snow Report: 18th April 2014

The snow's making a late come back!
Ellie Mahoney | Chamonix Editor | published: 18th April 2014
Chamonix Snow Report: 18th Arpil 2014

Just when we've been pretty much signing off this winter as done & dusted, the weather forecast looks like it has a little surprise for us.. 
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Chamonix Snow Report: 14th April 2014

A weekend of girly stuff on the mountain
Ellie Mahoney | Chamonix Editor | published: 14th April 2014
Chamonix Snow Report: 14th April 2014

I've gotten into bad habits recently, getting up late and hitting the mountain after midday at the weekends.. which is great timing for the bullet-proof pistes to have softened off a bit and for the sun to hopefully have hit all my favourite deck/chair coffee spots.. 
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Chamonix Snow Report: 7th April 2014

A warm weekend of riding slush & birthday shenanigans
Ellie Mahoney | Chamonix Editor | published: 7th April 2014
Chamonix Snow Report: 7th April 2014

There aren't many places left in the valley where you can do a home run back to the bottom of the lifts now. Spring is well and truly here and the afternoon conditions are pretty soft and slushy. 
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Chamonix Snow Report: 4th April 2014

Conditions on and off piste in Chamonix
Robin Deering | Chamonix Editor | published: 4th April 2014
Chamonix Snow Report: 4th April 2014

End of the penultimate week for most of the ski areas here in Chamonix and a dusting of snow is forecast overnight.
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Chamonix Snow Report: 1st April 2014

Robin Deering | Chamonix Editor | published: 1st April 2014

What a great past week we have had in Chamonix, after a weekend dump followed by a cold spring week lead to some amazing conditions. No fresh snow this week but the conditions are holding up nicely with some forgiving soft pistes along the valley.
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Chamonix Snow Report: 27th March 2014

Sunshine set for end of week as clouds drift away
Robin Deering | Chamonix Editor | published: 27th March 2014

Since our last snow report we've had a fair amount of cloud cover and a few false hopes of more fresh snow, nevertheless the conditions are pretty good thanks to the weekends snowfall.
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Chamonix Snow Report: 24th March 2014

Snow makes a welcome return in Chamonix for the official start of spring
Robin Deering | Chamonix Editor | published: 24th March 2014

Snow has made a very welcome return to Chamonix this weekend, with a heavy continuous dump that has topped up the snow depths from the valley floor to the mountain peaks.
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Chamonix Snow Report: 17th March 2014

Sunshine for St Patrick's day in Chamonix
Robin Deering | Chamonix Editor | published: 17th March 2014

We have now had two weeks of perfect sunshine and very warm temperatures in Chamonix and in some places the slopes have started to suffer.
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