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Chamonix Mont Blanc

The bustling, main resort town in the Chamonix Valley

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Chamonix is a lively market town known as both a world class ski resort and mountaineering destination. Consequently, it is bustling with activity, in both the winter and summer seasons. Situated in the Haute-Savoie region of France, Chamonix is bordered by Switzerland and Italy and dominated by the incredible Aiguilles de Chamonix mountain chain which peaks at the top of Mont Blanc (4810m) - the highest in Western Europe.

History & Culture in Chamonix - Centre

Following the first assents of Mont Blanc, Chamonix opened its doors to hundreds of tourists with the first specific tourist hotel opening in 1770. In 1760 Genevois Doctor Horace Benedict de Saussure offered a prize to the first person to reach the summit of Mont Blanc which he had observed from the top of the Brévent. It wasn't until August 8th 1786 that Dr Paccard & Jacques Balmat, two locals, first made it. Saussure himself made it the following year, leading the first of many scientific expeditions conducted on the peak. Read a more detailed account of the history of Chamonix here

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History of Chamonix

Sights & Attractions in Chamonix - Centre

The town has a lot to offer in terms of sites and attractions. The main attraction that brings tourists to this picturesque town is Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in Europe at 4810m. Visitors either come to scale the summit themselves, take the Aiguille du Midi cable car from Chamonix up to 3842m to view the peak from the station at the top, or simply take it in from the valley floor. As Chamonix’s history is tied in with various Mont Blanc expeditions, you’ll find several statues around the town commemorating famous mountaineers including Dr Paccard. 

Another famous site is the Mer de Glace glacier (sea of ice) which is access by the Montenvers tourist train. The view of this glacier and the surrounding mountains from the top station is impressive. From the top you can descend to the ice caves via cable car and a series of walkways and steps, which vividly shows just how much the glacier has retreated in recent years.

Unlike most other mountain resorts, Chamonix is busy all year around. In the winter most people visit the town to ski. A particular draw is the famous off-piste ski run the Vallee Blanche from the top of the Aiguille du Midi, past the Mer de Glace and back into Chamonix via the Planard’s ski area. Skiers & snowboarders can also access the Brevent ski area directly from Chamonix centre and from there, Flegere. In the summer the cable cars that link to Brevent and Flegere are open to mountain bikers and walkers. The Lac Blanc is a popular place to trek to as are various mountain huts such as the Chalet de La Floria which all can be accessed from various paths from the valley floor. 

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Attractions in Chamonix

Events in Chamonix - Centre

Chamonix is considered to be one of the adventure capitals of the world, so unsurprisingly there are a wide range of sporting events that take place throughout the year. The big sporting events include the Freeride World Tour in January were you can see pro skiers & snowboarders making extreme tracks down the mountain, the various Mont Blanc Marathons in June, the World Climbing Festival in July and UTMB trail running race in August.  It is not all about sport though; Chamonix also has a strong music tradition.  It's worth visiting the town for the lively Fete de la Music in June where dancing in the streets until the small hours is standard – even in the rain, the Cosmo Jazz Festival where you can enjoy music at the end of sunny July in different mountain locations and Black Crow’s ski and music event in April, Chamonix Unlimited Festival.

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Main Events in Chamonix

Dining in Chamonix - Centre

Chamonix has a great selection of restaurants with over 40 eateries to choose from. Munchies is normally on everyone’s list, it is a Scandinavian restaurant providing popular fusion cuisine. For regional specialities, Le Boccalatte offers some of the best Fondue available in town at a reasonable price. For a burger with a difference Moo is worth a visit, especially for their pulled pork burger. There are a number of late night fast food places, and unlike many other French resorts, in Chamonix you can still get a curry from the Annapurna Restaurant.

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Where to Eat in Chamonix

Nightlife in Chamonix - Centre

During the winter months there is the usual 'apres-ski' party in several of the main bars in town and there is always a choice of restaurant regardless of how busy the town gets. Some places do close in the inter-season months but since Chamonix is an all-year-round resort it is more 'open' and busy than most other Alpine resorts.

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Nightlife in Chamonix

Chalets in Chamonix - Centre

You can also enjoy the Chalet experience in Chamonix which are available both catered and non-catered ranging from the height of luxury with multiple spa facilities to warm and cosy traditional mountain retreats. 

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Apartments in Chamonix - Centre

There are a wide range range of self-catering apartments and residences which allow you to be completely independent during your holiday in Chamonix, most of which are self catered although you will find some where you can order in meals or have your own private chef.

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Hotels in Chamonix - Centre

Following the first ascents of Mont Blanc, Chamonix opened its doors to hundreds of tourists with the first specific tourist hotel opening in 1770. Today that tradition continues and the town has a wide range of accommodation available for visitors. There are hotels from the 5 star Le Hameau Albert Premiere Hotel to Le Morgane Hotel with its Michelin starred chef to the comfortable Alpina Hotel which is in a fantastic location right on the Place du Mont Blanc. 

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