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Chamonix unveils new electric buses

Cutting carbon emissions & improving air quality

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| Alison Shayler, Chamonix Reporter | Published
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As part of the valley’s increasing efforts to battle pollution, Chamonix is trialling a new 100% electric bus. At time of writing, only about 20 of these buses exist in circulation and all of them are in Paris - until now!

The 75 seater bus measures 12 metres long and runs off 8 batteries, manufactured by a company called Bolloré. The 300kg batteries apparently last 8-10 years and when they have reached the end of their lifespan, they are 90% recyclable.

The bus was on display outside the Prarion ski lift at Les Houches yesterday and it will be trundling around the valley for the next 15 days. The trial run is to prepare Chamonix Bus for the integration of more electric buses into their fleet, with the eco-friendly changeover hopefully being completed by 2020.

Eric Fournier (mayor of Chamonix) and Xavier Roseren (mayor of Les Houches) were at the Prarion yesterday to check out the new bus and enjoy a ride on its maiden voyage along the valley. They were accompanied by Michel Payot (local councillor) and Marc Joigneau (director of Chamonix Bus).

During busy periods, such as the recent February holidays, Chamonix Bus can transport up to 22,000 people around the valley in a day. These new 100% electric buses should make a big difference in terms of carbon emissions and air quality - not to mention traffic noise!

The new additions to the Chamonix Bus fleet are part of the valley’s commitment to decarbonised mobility and in line with the Air Quality Plan.